Having a routine is important. My daily schedule starts early. Up at 5-6am to read news, and see whats moving pre-market. It is important to  write down stocks you are watching, and then create a plan for entry/exit/take profits/cut losses. Do not take a trade if you do NOT have a plan! Several other factors

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SEC Filings – how to read them

I’m not a master at reading these long documents but some quick tips to help you go through them quicker. Save the files as PDF and search for key terms and highlight important bits of information. Terms to look for – profit, loss, customers, finance, contract, users, merger, acquisition, losses, dilution, offering, revenues, debt, markets.

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Extended Hours

Yes you can still trade before the bell and after the stock market bell. Check with your broker for available times. Example: E*Trade Extended Hours trading is available through ARCA and NSDQ on regular trading days from 7 a.m. to 9:29 a.m. ET and from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. ET. Unexecuted Extended Hours orders

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$ped long plan

Prior to getting into a trade I always trade with a plan. Here is a simple trade I planed today but did not execute. I missed out on an easy $1,100 today. $ped plan: Long at 2.29 on dip buy. Set stop limit at 2.15 Sell? Anything Over 2.75. The stock hit 3.46 in after

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You need a plan!

The best advice I have to any trader, you need a plan! I’m just as guilty sometimes, not having a plan! I’ll show you some recent examples: Tuesday, June 19th recap on my plan. Plan A was to SHORT ticker NURO. SHORT at 1.78 with 1,800 shares in pre-market, and if it went UP to

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My trading setup

  This is my trading setup: 2016 MacBook Pro 15″ – 2.9 GHZ Dell XPS 15 – 9550 – 3.5 GHZ i7 6700 HQ, 32 Gig Ram LG 5k Monitors x 2 iPad Pro iPhone X I also use an UPdesk standing desk with a Herman Miller Aeron Chair.

The journey begins

I decided to take some time off dealing collector cars, and focus on my own trading challenge. I’ve been learning about trading since I started working. The stock market has always intrigued me. The challenge is to see how far I can grow a small account size of only $4,000. I setup to document

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